Premier Series Lacrosse – Coming To You


Premier Series Lacrosse

Mission: To honor, support and bring awareness to the brave men and women who serve our country in the armed forces, and who have fought for our freedom and liberty, through the platform of indoor lacrosse.

The 2015 Premiere Series Lacrosse season will consist of 100 adult indoor lacrosse players separated onto four teams. These 100 players will be drafted equally amongst each of the four teams. The players will be drafted onto each of the teams by the Premiere Series Lacrosse (PSL) Selection Board Committee.

The PSL is a not-for-profit organization.

The teams will be owned and operated by the PSL, with each of the teams named after a branch of our military. There will be a registration fee for each player.

The teams will have no home city, but instead compete “on tour” in the cities listed on the website. Each of the teams will have one practice and three games, on each of their tour weekends. All teams will have nine regular season games, and two post-season games.

The players on the teams will have to attend at least one of the three regular season weekends in order to be eligible for championship weekend.



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