European Lax League Tourney 2 Recap

ELLIn its third season of competition, the European Lacrosse League (ELL) just wrapped Tournament 2 of the 2014 season. The ELL format has four box lacrosse teams competing over four weekend round-robin tournaments to crown a champion. The 2014 competing clubs are: Deutschland AdlerLCC Wolves RadotínLCC Radotín Custodes, and Piertro Filipi Lacrosse Club.

The second weekend of competition saw the league-leaders LCC Wolves Radotín go 2-1, dropping just their opening game to second-place Deutschland Alder 13-12. It was the first loss over two weekends for the Wolves, who picked up wins against Pietro Filipi (12-8) and Radotín rivals Custodes (9-6).

German giants Alder also went 2-1 over the weekend and are now just one game back of the division lead. After the win over Wolves Alder fell to Custodes 14-7 before bouncing back the on Sunday to defeat Pietro 11-3.

Czech National Team player Skála Radek of LCC Wolves leads all league scorers six games into the season with 33 goals and 7 assists. Radek was a member of the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championship Czech Republic team, which finished in 14th place in Denver. Canadian Brian Tyacke of Alder is just behind Radek in scoring with 24 goals and 10 assists. The 27-year old is a native of New Westminster.

Tournament 3 will be held over the weekend of October 25-26. Following those results the league will seed all four teams for the league playoffs to be played November 1. All games are held at LCC Radotín Arena in Prague.

2014 ELL





LCC Wolves Radotín





Deutschland Adler





LCC Radotín Custodes





Pietro Filipi LC





Fans can follow the ELL on the web at and on Twitter @EuroLaxLeague.

The conditions for the participation of players in ELL 2014

First registration of players will be confirmed after payment of fee ELL 2014 in the amount of CZK 600. Without payment of the entry fee will not be ranked player in the draft. Instructions for payment (account number and variable symbol) will be sent along with confirmation of receipt of the data in the registration form. If the player is not within the drafts included in any of the teams, he will be refunded the entry fee. The entry fee is not refundable if the player is registered to participate in the ELL  canceled .

Second player pays the costs of transport, accommodation, meals, etc..’s Own resources. On the basis of a contract or agreement between the player and the team may part of such costs or expenses for the entire team to pay players.

The third player to compete at their own risk, health and accident insurance is a matter of the player.

Fourth player is obliged to play for a team in which he was before the start of or during drafted.

Fifth condition for the participation of the players in the tournament 4 (play-off) is that the player must start at least one of the tournaments 1 to 3

The nomination sixth player in tournament or match decides coach / team manager.

Registration for the 7th ELL does not guarantee that the player will be in one of the teams drafted.

ELL 2014 Player Participation Rules

A first player registration will be accepted and Confirmed When The ELL 2,014 participation fee of CZK 600 is paid. The instructions for the payment will be sent together with confirmation of receiving the player’s registration data. If the player is not selected to a team ELL During drafts, the participation fee will be Refunded.  The participation fee Shall Not Be Refunded in case of Cancellation of a registered player’s participation in the ELL.

A second player bears the cost of travel, accommodation, boarding etc. Teams and player can agree That the team covers some of theses cost.

A third player participates on the his own risk and is Responsible for proper insurance.

A fourth player Shall play for the team that drafted Which he is at the Beginning or During the ELL.

A fifth player has to take part in at the least one of 1-3 tournaments to be Eligible to play in the tournament 4 (play-offs).

6th Team coaches / managers Decide about the player nomination for the games / tournaments.

The seventh ELL registration does not guarantee That the player will be selected to a team.


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