WLA Draft Quick Results

2014 Western Lacrosse Association Draft results:

Rounds 1-4

  1. Coquitlam Adanacs: Tyler Garrison, Jr. Adanacs
  2. NewWestminster Salmonbellies: Reid Reinholdt, Jr. Adanacs
  3. Maple Ridge Burrards: Frank Scigliano, Jr. Salmonbellies
  4. Coquitlam Adanacs: Matt Delmonico
  5. NewWestminster Salmonbellies: Brody Eastwood, Jr. Shamrocks
  6. Victoria Shamrocks: Jesse King, Jr. Shamrocks
  7. NewWestminster Salmonbellies: Brendan Ranford, Jr. Salmonbellies
  8. NewWestminster Salmonbellies: Sean Lundstrom, Jr. Thunder
  9. Coquitlam Adanacs: Sam Goodman, Jr. Adanacs
  10. Maple Ridge Burrards: Dan McDermott, Jr. Thunder
  11. Victoria Shamrocks: Chris Wardle, Jr. Shamrocks
  12. Nanaimo Timbermen: Tyson Roe, Jr. Timbermen
  13. Nanaimo Timbermen: Brandan Smith, Jr. Shamrocks
  14. Nanaimo Timbermen: Conrad Chapman, Jr. Shamrocks
  15. Nanaimo Timbermen: Reegan Comeault, Jr. Thunder
  16. Burnaby Lakers: Brendan Rouse, Jr. Salmonbellies
  17. Victoria Shamrocks: Brandon Bull, Jr. Thunder
  18. Coquitlam Adanacs: Steven Neufeld, Jr. Adanacs
  19. Coquitlam Adanacs: Vinni Ricci, Jr. Adanacs
  20. Victoria Shamrocks: Dan Schoor, Jr. Shamrocks
  21. Victoria Shamrocks: Nick Stone, Jr. Thunder
  22. Langley Thunder: Quinn Smith, Jr. Thunder
  23. Nanaimo Timbermen: Ben Snider, Delta Islanders
  24. Maple Ride Burrards: Zach Porter, Jr. Thunder
  25. Nanaimo Timbermen: Curtis Green, Jr. Shamrocks
  26. Burnaby Lakers: Dan Perrault, Jr. Salmonbellies
  27. Nanaimo Timbermen: David Diruscio, Jr. Adanacs
  28. Nanaimo Timbermen: Devon Casey, Jr. Shamrocks

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